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North Country Reform Temple Website Policy
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The North Country Reform Temple (NCRT) Board of Directors (BoD) realizes the limitless potential for information and communication provided by the World Wide Web. The availability of this communication vehicle provides an opportunity for Clergy, the BoD, Members, staff to access and contribute to the world of information related to NCRT Temple Membership, Services, Activities, Programs and related activities. Therefore, the NCRT BoD will use the Internet as an effective, efficient and timely source of information, method of communication and vehicle for resource collection. In order to take advantage of the opportunities the Internet provides, the Board authorizes the creation of NCRT web pages on the Internet.

Only those web pages maintained in accordance with Board policy and established procedures shall be recognized as official representations of NCRT. All information on the NCRT web page must accurately reflect the mission, goals, policies, programs, and activities of NCRT. The web pages must have a purpose which falls within at least one of the following categories: 1) Support of NCRT and Reform Judaism -intended to provide links to Internet resources for the general public, members, and staff of NCRT; 2) Public information-intended to communicate information about NCRT to members, staff, community, and the world at large.
The BoD shall designate an individual(s) to be responsible for maintaining the official NCRT web page and monitoring all NCRT web page activity. Functional Departments, Groups or Committees who wish to publish a web page must identify an appropriately qualified publisher and/or author.

As with any materials or publication used by or representing NCRT, the Rabbi and NCRT BoD, respectively, is ultimately responsible for accuracy and appropriateness of the information made available on the web site. Concern about the content of any page(s) created by departments, committees or staff should be directed to the Rabbi or Temple President.

Web sites developed under contract for the NCRT or within the scope of employment by NCRT employees are the property of NCRT. Due to the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web, this policy is to be reviewed and updated as required.